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About Cyber Essentials

CE is designed to ensure organisations understand and mitigate their security gaps. It provides assurance to your customers and competitors that your organisation is complying with government approved security standards. CE will help organisations to understand the importance of cyber compliance and enables them to demonstrate how committed they are to their own cyber security. Each individual organisation is then appraised against the CE benchmark.

Candy MC can help you:

Candy MC use security specialists with years of experience in helping large and small companies understand their responsibilities for securing data assets, increasing their security position and reducing exposure to cybercrime. Are partner is an accredited Cyber Essentials certifying body and will help you to conduct your assessment, report the outcome to the Accreditation Body (CREST or IASME) and supply you with your certificate conformance.

We also provide consultancy services to help improve your Cyber/information security practices, should this be required. The Cyber Essentials standard gives our partners specific grading criteria and report all passes and fails to the Accreditation Body.

Cyber Essentials ‘Basic’

Accreditation Body. Cyber Essentials ‘Basic’ Self-assessment & external vulnerability scan The Baseline Cyber Essentials package is a self-assessment questionnaire, which is completed in conjunction with an external vulnerability scan. The self-assessment questions relate to both the technical and day-to-day controls required to be in place, for example: »» Do all computers and devices which are connected to the Internet have Malware Protection? »» Have all network devices been securely configured with only the minimum services necessary to fulfil requirements and has this been done in such a way to minimise vulnerabilities during installation? »» Are all devices and information on the organisation’s network protected by firewalls to help prevent unauthorised access via the Internet? »» Is Patch Management in place to ensure all software running on both PC’s and Servers is updated with the latest security features? »» Have all User Accounts been assigned to authorised individuals, with minimal access levels granted where appropriate?

Candy MC can tailor their consultancy service to help organisations who don’t have the resource or time to complete the assessment. We will guide you through certification quickly and efficiently. Once the self-assessment is complete, Our Partners will score, review, verify and grade the submission. review, verify and grade the submission.