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It is important to understand that ISO certification and ISO accredited certification are two different things. ISO accreditation or ISO accredited certification is when a company has achieved an ISO and / or BS standard by a certification body that is accredited by UKAS or equivalent.

There is only one true accreditation body in each country and any other forms of ‘accreditation bodies’ maybe be misleading. The accreditation body for the UK is UKAS and every country has its own version of UKAS (i.e. Ireland it is INAB). In most countries accreditation is a choice and not an obligation. BSI and the International Organisation for Standardisation themselves state that “the fact that a certification body is not accredited does not mean that it is not a reputable organisation, for example a certification body operating nationally in a highly specific sector might enjoy such a good reputation that it does not feel there is an advantage for it to go to the expense of being accredited”.

The main difference being that an accredited certification body can only perform the functions of an assessment / audit body and must not have any involvement in the set-up to the certification process in any way or any other certification body is able to. This can therefore mean having to employ a company such as ourselves as the consultant to implement the system and have the accredited body in to certify it. On the other hand, here at Candy MC we take impartiality seriously and make sure that our consultants don’t audit their own work if you choose the ISO non-accredited Certification route.

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