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OHSAS 18001 & ISO 45001:

OHSAS is currently in the three-year transition period from the previous revisions to 2018. With this in mind the message from some of the major certification bodies is “don’t leave it too late to transition to the new standard, otherwise you could run out of time for the transition”.

The main changes within the standards are to be aligned into a common framework of 10 sections. All future ISO standards will follow this format which allows easier integration. ISO45001 will be a ‘risk’ based approach and will be looking for improvement to be pushed further from top management and communication on all health and safety matters. A lot of companies are using the revisions to make unnecessary changes to perfectly effective management systems and stating that these are needed to comply with the standard, when in fact they are not.

Here at Candy MC, we take changes seriously, however we do so whilst still retaining as much of the client’s existing system as possible. The important part to us is about how you run your business and how you document the normal day to day business processes in line with the new standards

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Candy MC delivers an enhanced consultancy service through a team of fully qualified IRCA trained and industry experienced Lead Auditors / Consultants.

From initial enquiry through to guiding you through the certificate process, Candy MC will support you and guide you with professionalism and impartiality.

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