Manufacturing and the value of ISO certification

How motivated are manufacturers to get ISO certification? If the idea should be attractive, are manufacturers aware of the true implications?

What are the key things manufacturers must consider for when going into production? One is the quality of the product itself, the other is customer satisfaction.

Many manufactured items have a high visibility in the marketplace, used daily by many consumers, therefore, quality is paramount. However, even with more specialist manufactured parts, with a B2B market, quality and customer satisfaction are still essential for business.

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“What helps assure your place in the supply chain, and what differentiates you from your competition? The answer is quality, and quality that is easily demonstrable”

The Benefits of ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is for quality management in systems and processes. It means adopting a practical, workable approach to quality management, involving efficient, diligent methods and procedures.

It is both inwardly and outwardly facing. Inwardly, because it helps businesses develop and manage the kind of processes they need to make sure they continue to produce quality items. Outwardly, because it demonstrates to others, they have reached this standard.

Meeting customer requirements is crucial for all manufacturers, and many business customers will state up front that they will only deal with ISO certified suppliers.

“What manufacturers should consider is not that this is a box-ticking exercise, but that ISO certification provides them with a framework for continuous improvement”

Who is ISO Certification For?

ISO certification’s effectiveness is not restricted to larger companies or organisations – it can benefit manufacturers of all sizes.

The principle behind improved quality management is universal. Consistency is hugely valuable when it comes to supplying customer with what they want. For smaller businesses, achieving this is a means of helping to consolidate their position and help them grow.

This is a worldwide standard. Once you’ve got it, you can use ISO 9001 in your marketing, reaching out to a wider audience and broadening your customer base.

Furthermore, the process of achieving ISO can bring about a cultural shift. Helping to instil processes and procedures that add value to the workplace for employees, improving morale and providing a greater sense of focus.

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