EN 1090 Structural Steel

EN 10 90 Structural Steel

In 2012 The Construction Products Regulations (CPR) was introduced, this places a requirement on construction products that have a harmonised standard to be CE Marked. EN1090 is the harmonised standard for structural steel, as of 1st July 2014, it was made a criminal offence to supply structural metalwork unless it conforms to this standard and carries a legitimate CE mark.

The European Construction Products Directive is aimed at harmonising the safety performance of construction products across the EU and they apply to anything placed on the market, whether imported or manufactured in the EU.

The CPD defines six principles for materials that are to be used in civil engineering including:

  • Mechanical resistance & stability (ITT / initial type testing)
  • Safety in case of fire (fire testing)
  • Hygiene, health & the environment (design)
  • Safety in use (clear usage instructions & risk assessment)
  • Protection against noise (risk assessment)
  • Energy economy & heat retention (environmental performance.

Who Needs To Comply?

The BS EN 1090-1 CE marking for structural steel regulations apply to a wide range of activities.

EN1090 promotes some of the following key areas:

  • Comply with legal legislation
    securing your supply chain
  • Enhancing your corporate governance regime
  • Builds a framework for ISO9001 Quality management system

EN1090 GAP Analysis

A Candy Management lead consultant can carry out a no-obligation fully detailed GAP analysis on your existing systems to identify what work is needed to meet the requirements of all the EN1090 clauses. Or you can give us a call and speak to one of our advisers for free. 

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