Testing Your Business Continuity Plan


A well thought out business continuity plan outlines every stage of your company’s response to relevant risks that could disrupt business as usual. This could be a power outage, a cyber-attack, or a supply failure. Whatever the disruption, the right business continuity plan can ensure that your company minimises downtime and recovers as quickly as possible, lowering the risk of lost revenue or a damaged reputation.

Even the most detailed plan can become ineffective if it is not tested on a regular basis. Businesses rarely stand still, so your strategy may need to adapt to changing conditions. Take the pandemic, for example, as well as updates to risk assessments, business continuity plans will have also needed to change.

How Often Should Our Company Test?

The complexity of your firm, as well as the scope, and the likelihood of the hazards it faces, all play a role in determining how often you should test. Testing regularly is your best option, to ensure everything runs as smooth as possible with your business continuity plan.

If your company faces a high risk of income loss, a tarnished reputation, or the likelihood of extended downtime, testing should be done more frequently and in more areas of the plan.

Minimise Downtime in the Event of a Disruption

The best way to minimise downtime in the event of disruption is to implement ISO 22301. This is the internationally recognised standard for Business Continuity Management. The certification protects companies from the risks associated with downtime which can occur due to unexpected disruptions or disasters.

Some of the main benefits of implementing ISO 22301 include:

  • Upholding your company’s reputation
  • Protecting your company’s assets
  • Ensuring specific recovery procedures in the event of an incident
  • Streamlining processes and refocussing on important company targets
  • Becoming more competitive in your industry
  • Reduce costs by minimising risk

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