How to Keep your Employees and Customers Safe at Work

What is ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 is the internationally recognised standard for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management Systems.

The standard provides a framework for businesses to ensure the health and safety of employees and other stakeholders. ISO 45001 can be adopted by businesses of all sizes and in any industry.

Businesses often become ISO 45001 certified because they wish to create a safer work environment, demonstrate their commitment to health and safety, and qualify for tenders and contracts.

Minimising Risks

Every company should perform a risk assessment no matter the industry. Risk assessments highlight the potential hazards and reduce these potential accidents from happening. Keeping on top of this can be a seemingly big task for some businesses, particularly if they are smaller. ISO 45001 makes this process less pain-free and streamlines your existing processes due to its requirements and need for regular audits to ensure compliance with the standard and legislation.

Common Workplace Accidents

According to the HSE, every year around 12000 people die from lung-related problems. Working in construction is dangerous and really does take a toll on employees’ health, it is vital that those in the industry are being protected in the correct way to avoid ongoing health problems such as lung cancer. Common power tools such as saws are what cause an overbuild of dust which affects construction workers’ lungs. To reduce or avoid these harmful damages, wearing a proper protective mask and using a wet saw will weigh down the particles. Avoiding sweeping and using compressed air will also help additionally, it is important to offer medical routines to employees.

The most common workplace accidents are slips, trips, and falls. There are many simple ways in which these types of accidents can be reduced, one way being as simple as implementing effective arrangements when it comes to cleaning and dealing with spills. Excluding people from walking through an area after it has been cleaned reduces people from slipping on the floors and of course warning signs will come into a hand with this. Leaving smooth floors dry after cleaning and removing spillages properly and quickly should be a top priority, no matter what industry your business is a part of. Other things to avoid is leaving cables out, disposing of waste materials properly, and improving the layout of your work area and signs are a simple yet effective way to avoid accidents from occurring.

One in three workplace accidents in the workplace is due to manual handling. These accidents mainly affect the back which can lead to long-term issues which can last a lifetime. To avoid musculoskeletal disorders or strains caused by manual handling, staff training should be heavily enforced in your company. The training should cover legislation and should educate your employees on ways to avoid these severe pains.

Getting Started with ISO

By selecting the team of skilled consultants at Candy Management Consultants, you can make sure that your company receives only the best ISO 45001 certification guidance. You can be confident that our consultants have an astounding 10 years of expertise in the ISO and health and safety industries.

We have assisted businesses to ensure fire safety compliance by completing a fire risk assessment in a wide range of sectors, from hospitality to manufacturing.

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