ISO 9001 For Construction Companies

Construction projects can be lengthy, costly and incredibly detailed, so how can you be sure that the quality your clients expects is being met throughout the entire process without being on-site every single day? ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised Quality Management System designed to not only keep quality high but also meet compliance requirements within contracts. If you would like to learn how it can help you impress your construction firm clients, read on!

Where is Quality Established and How?

There are no limits to where the quality management system can be utilised, from on-site materials to trusted suppliers and, most importantly the workmanship of employees. When implementing ISO 9001 you can identify areas within your company that you want to ensure quality and apply continually improving practices to maintain the standards you expect at every single stage.


If your construction company regularly uses subcontractors, ISO 9001 is the perfect way to ensure your clients are receiving the high standards they expect from your company. 9001 helps to manage your sub-contractors consistently and ensure that they are meeting the targets they have been set to provide outstanding service and work.

Customer Satisfaction

Nothing is more damaging to a company than a dissatisfied customer who then warns their friends and family against using your business – word travels fast – A QMS Specifically looks at customer focus and gathering feedback from clients to gauge satisfaction, identify areas that require improvement and spot any opportunities for further growth.

Commitment and Leadership

All ISO Standards require the complete commitment of company employees to ensure success. To yield the best results emphasis is placed on the leadership roles of top management persons to ensure that the management systems are consistently implemented and that procedures are followed and documented well. Quality is implemented through employees and, when given a standard to meet and aspire to, many staff members feel more motivated to do their jobs well and feel a greater connection with the company they work for. ISO 9001 also promotes ongoing training to maintain confidence and consistency in the day to day tasks of staff.

How Does ISO 9001 help my business?

There are many benefits you can get from implementing ISO 9001 but most importantly, it can hugely boost profits and save your business money through reduced errors and time spent rectifying mistakes. New, potentially bigger clients are attracted through proven credentials and pre-qualifying questionnaires for tenders are much easier to complete. You win the edge over your competitors by proving your commitment to compliance and high-quality work.

Happier customers! Who doesn’t want a lengthy history of satisfied customers to back up their claims of excellence? As we said earlier, ISO 9001 is a customer-centric standard and relies on the documentation and improvement of customer experience. 

A Quality Management System is incredibly attractive to a variety of clients whether it’s governmental tenders requiring the construction of new housing or an independent customer looking to extend their home, having ISO 9001 gives you the edge against your competition.

Ready to implement ISO 9001? Once implemented, prepare to impress your construction firm clients like never before! Candy MC have the best professionals to help you. We never use sub-contractors and you will always communicate with the same consultant whenever you need advice or have any questions. Each of our consultants has at least 10 years of experience in the ISO industry and extensive knowledge of implementing ISO 9001 in the construction industry.

Did You Know…

We’re also the preferred provider of ISO consultancy for the National Federation of Builders! We’ve partnered up with the NFB to offer its members discounted day rates when they need ISO implementation.

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