Hands On Mechanical Case Study

Hands On Mechanical Case Study

About Hands On Mechanical

Hands On Mechanical are heating engineers who advise, manage, and complete contracts from sales to planned preventative maintenance.  They are able to work in conjunction with or directly to Main Contractors, Architects, End Users, and Local Authorities.

Constant communication with clients, coupled with their in-house design and technical skills, ensures that projects remain on course and are completed on time and to budget.

Which Standard Was Implemented?

Our consultant Mike Poole implemented ISO 9001, the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems. Mike spent 4 days onsite with Hands On Mechanical helping them to get them ready.

Why Did They Want ISO?

Hands On Mechanical wanted to win new business. They also wanted to formalise what they do as a business to demonstrate continual improvements and reduce costly errors.

How We Helped

We worked with the team to build a system that works for them. We created a system that is in line with how they work on a day-to-day basis but mapping it back to the standard so they can also follow the standard without putting more paperwork in or causing more steps but still improving the business with set targets and KPIs.

Having ISO 9001 implemented ensured improved communications and allowed operations to run more smoothly. Hands On Mechanical has maintained their certification as a result of implementing a robust system tailored around what the business does rather than an off-the-shelf package.

Learn more about Hands On Mechanical here.

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