What Is The Implementation Process?

We use a flexible, 3 step process to implement your management system around your current procedures.

1. Gap Analysis

The gap analysis looks at what you already have in place and what you will need to change to meet the requirements of your chosen ISO Standard. We use a checklist to look at your current procedures and gauge the level of conformance you already have. We also offer a gap analysis separately if you would like to see where you are and where you need to be to achieve certification without taking the plunge! 

2. Build The System

Next, we’ll build your new management system. We know what you need to do from the gap analysis and we will work with you and upper management to ensure that any issues are addressed, the new procedures you need are put in place and that you are meeting the requirements of the standard. Our consultants work with your current policies and want to make the changes fit you, not the other way around.

3. Implementation

We’ll help you to train your employees on the new management system and how to maintain it. All staff members must understand the system so that when your auditor visits, they can be confident in answering any questions they may have. We’ll help you to get ready for your third party certification and confirm with you that you are ready for certification before we put you forward for it.

How Much Does It Cost?

We calculate our day rate based on your business, the business activities, the number of employees and sites and the number of standards you require.

We will quote you for the maximum number of days you may need however if you don’t use all of these days then we won’t charge you for them! Simple, honest pricing.

Candy Management Consultants offer payment plans. Contact Us for more information.

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