Alphin Pans Case Study

Alphin Pans Case Study

About Alphin Pans

Alphin Pans are the No.1 manufacturer of pizza pans and pizza-related light equipment in the UK. Since starting the business in 1989, they are situated in the village of Delph, Saddleworth, and have sold well in excess of a million pizza pans.

Their pizza pans are currently in use all over the world and over 500 million pizzas a year are cooked on their products. They are one of the few family-owned cookware manufacturers left in Britain.

Which Standard Was Implemented?

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certification through World Certification Services. Their consultant was Mike Poole and the project with Alphin Pans lasts around 4-5 days per year.

Why Did They Want ISO?

Alphin Pans tender for a lot of jobs but mainly they wanted to maintain excellence and reduce downtime and re-work with being a manufacturing company. The company is all about continual improvement and wanting to do better.

How We Helped

We adopted the internal process and how the business works and linked this back to the standard with the use of the Candy Box Cloud system. Now the system works for them as a business rather than they working for the ISO System.

The re-work is reduced and in return reduces the company’s re-work cost. The company had an emergency situation unfortunately but having ISO systems in place helped the system information be available and in a structured way to reduce the downtime.

Learn more about Alphin Pans here. 

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