Echo Hearing Products Case Study

Echo Hearing Products Case Study

About Echo Hearing Products

Echo Hearing Products International Limited is the UK’s premium supplier of “own brand” hearing loops, induction loop systems, wireless television listeners, voice amplifiers, and home alert systems. Established in Stockport, England, they have specialised in the design and sale of nationally recognised aids for daily living since 1992.

Which Standard Was Implemented?

We implemented ISO 9001:2015, the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems. Echo Hearing Product’s consultant was Mike Poole, and the project lasted for five days.

Why Did They Want ISO?

Echo were looking for someone to come in and review the current management system as it was outdated against the business process and operations. They wanted to streamline the current system and make it work for them rather than adapting to it and generating more work and paper that ultimately was not needed. Mike worked with Echo to review the current system and help streamline it, so it was easier to understand and actually documented what the business does. Due to the nature of the business, the company needed ISO 9001 to retain clients and win new contracts.

How We Helped

Mike Poole did a gap analysis on the existing system to understand what they had and advise on what they needed to complete. Our consultant built a plan with timescales around the business needs and resources. By having the fresh new system it worked better for them as the ISO 9001 was written around the business process rather than the clause and enhanced the business. This helped to generate more appropriate improvement opportunities. It also saved time when documenting evidence.

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