Business and the Environment

The Environment, It’s Everybody’s Business

The use of natural resources such as wood, oil, and metals in the manufacturing of goods comes at the cost of the environment.

Your workplace can have a significant impact on the environment, both positively and negatively. Your employer’s environmental practices when it comes to things like heating and cooling the building, and recycling may seem pretty minor in the grand scheme of things but imagine yours plus thousands of others all doing the same.

The Snowball Effect

The snowball effect is a powerful one when it comes to environmentally friendly practices in the workplace. Why not suggest recycling and reducing your waste in the office if this isn’t already being done? Or bring in more energy-efficient devices such as LED lighting. Once one or two people are on board, you’ll likely find more and more of your colleagues championing greener habits – that’s the snowball effect.

Speaking of snow, climate change can increase snowfall. Although this may seem like good news for that snow angel you were planning on creating, huge changes in the weather can result in many problems.

ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management. It is implemented in companies to enhance your company’s environmental performance and implement more eco-friendly processes.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce waste
  • Comply with environmental laws and regulations
  • Build trust with customers and other stakeholders
  • Reduce costs through less energy consumption for example
  • Gives your business a competitive advantage
  • Increase new business opportunities  

Learn more about ISO 14001.

Becoming ISO Certified

Are you in need of support when it comes to environmental management?  

Candy Management Consultants are a friendly team of experts within the ISO and Health and Safety industries. We serve clients nationwide and make sure all our services are provided promptly and have an 100% success rate.

If you want to protect your company’s information assets, implement ISO 14001 into your company and receive the benefits.

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