ISO 14001: FAQs

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems. ISO is a non-governmental, independent organisation that publishes standards. ISO standards exist to improve health and safety processes, introduce more eco-friendly practices into organisations, and more.

ISO 14001 is applicable to any organisation no matter the size or industry; every company will receive the benefits. ISO 14001 enhances processes that your company may already have in place to improve your environmental performance, in turn reducing your carbon footprint.

What Are the Benefits of ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is a great investment and comes with many opportunities for your company as well as the planet!

  • Become compliant with government legislation and regulations
  • Avoiding costly fines
  • Attract more clients
  • Improve company image
  • Energy-efficient processes
  • Reduce production costs and wastage
  • Consistent documentation of environmental processes

Is it Suitable for My Company?

The simple answer is, yes.

ISO 14001 will help your construction company, manufacturing company, cleaning company, logistics company, and even office-based companies – you name it!

Although the standard can help every business, for some it is more useful than others. In construction, for example, the industry generates 40 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year which is extremely damaging to our planet. ISO 14001 will prove to your clients and contractors that you are taking your environmental processes seriously.

How Do I Get ISO 14001?

Step 1: Request a Quote. All quotes are bespoke and depend on your number of employees, number of sites, and the industry in which you operate in.

Step 2: Once you are happy with your quote and ready to proceed, one of our friendly, expert consultants will conduct a GAP analysis. This will highlight what you already have in place and what you will need to do to meet the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard.

Step 3: Next, we will build your environmental management system based on the GAP analysis and then look to implement. When implementing, your employees will be trained and made aware of the changes to ensure you are able to correctly maintain the system.

Step 4: Once your system is implemented and you are ready, we will help you to get ready for your external third-party assessment.

Getting Started with ISO

Are you in need of support when it comes to environmental management?  

Candy Management Consultants are a friendly team of experts within the ISO and Health and Safety industries. We serve clients nationwide and make sure all our services are provided promptly and have an 100% success rate to date.

If you want to demonstrate your commitment to protecting the environment, implement ISO 14001 and receive the benefits.

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