ISO 14001: Your Guide to Growing a More Sustainable Business

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management. This standard specifies the requirements for an environmentally friendly management system that can be utilised by businesses to become more sustainable. ISO 14001 can be implemented into any company no matter the size, industry, or number of employees.

Setting Goals

By 2030 we could be experiencing an irreversible change in the Earth’s temperature. It sounds scary but there is still time, and collectively, we can still do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint.

A great start is simply setting achievable environmental goals in your business. An example could be to become plastic-free by the year 2025. Striving to hit these goals demonstrates that you are doing your part which will likely uphold your reputation with customers and other stakeholders.

Sustainable Suppliers

A consumer company’s supply chain accounts for around 80% of its greenhouse gas emissions.

A sustainable supply chain proves your company’s green credentials, but what is a sustainable supplier? An environmentally-friendly supplier has green transportation, green purchasing, green warehousing, greener fuel usage, and more. It seems as though this is a lot, however, this is exactly what it takes to make a change in the world. Working with these supply chains will improve your company’s carbon footprint.

Sustainable Materials

Using reclaimed materials is also a great step to becoming a more sustainable business. Over 75% of all construction waste from wood, drywall, bricks, clay tiles, and more is wasted. But, what is stopping these materials from being recycled or reused? Salvaging materials like wood, doors, windows, concrete, bricks, and insulation will make a big difference to our planet as there is much less waste.

Implement ISO 14001

We mentioned ISO 14001 at the beginning of this article, but what are the benefits of implementing an environmental management system for your organisation?

Main benefits include:

  • Legal compliance with environmental regulations and legislation
  • Boosted reputation with customers and other stakeholders
  • Reduce waste and costs
  • Competitive advantage
  • Improve your environmental performance and protect the planet

If you want to receive the benefits ISO 14001 offers, Get In Touch for a free quote.

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