Are Your Cyber Policies Enough?

Protecting Company Information

Did you know that 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses?* This demonstrates that cyber-attacks can happen to any company no matter the size! Hackers go for smaller businesses as they may not have sufficient if any, security in place. Having measures in place such as firewalls is crucial. This is because it’s likely that you are holding a lot of confidential data including customer and employee names, phone numbers, and emails. Information like this can be accessed by hackers and this could cost your business. Fines of up to £17.5 million or 4% of annual global turnover – whichever is greater – is a penalty that can be issued for breaching GDPR legislation.

Employee Training

Many data breaches occur due to poor employee training. 90% of data breaches are caused by phishing emails and can be easier to fall for than you think. Additionally, employers should make sure that staff is not sending confidential emails with passwords or any other sensitive data as in one click, your whole system can be hacked without realisation.

Changing Passwords

Regularly changing passwords is a good habit that your employees should follow as it reduces the risk of being hacked. The strongest passwords contain numbers, upper case and lowercase letters, and symbols with a lot of characters to ensure the best security and this doesn’t cost a thing.

Implementing ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised standard for information security and focuses on regulating and improving the processes which are already in place to ensure confidentiality and secure storage of essential information and documents. ISO 27001 benefits your business in many ways and illustrates to other businesses and customers that you care about your company’s confidentiality and are committed to protecting the data of all stakeholders.

Getting Started with ISO 27001

Are you in need of support when it comes to information security management?

If you want to protect your company’s information assets, implement ISO 27001 into your company and ensure compliance, avoid downtime and costs associated with data breaches and uphold your company’s reputation.

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*Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report

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