Hacked Off with Hackers? Here’s How to Protect Your Business!

Recent Scams

You may have heard about the countless scams that hackers are launching now. Take a recent Facebook scam for example. Hackers are accessing users’ accounts and obtaining money through their saved payment details, whether this is PayPal or another method of payment.

So, hackers are pervading so many aspects of our day-to-day lives, but what about when it comes to our businesses and protecting information assets?

Well, one thing is for sure, we are becoming hacked off by hackers. Cybercriminals are becoming better at what they do, constantly finding ways to deploy more advanced cyberattacks. With this in mind, it’s important to not just protect yourself but make sure your business is protected too.

Protecting Your Business

There are many steps your organisation can take to mitigate cyber-attacks and ensure you are equipped to deal with an attack should one occur. This could be anything from making sure passwords are strong and frequently changed to implementing an information security management system. It’s recommended that you take as many measures as you can, regardless of the size or industry of your business.

Some industries are however more of a likely target. Take healthcare and the financial industries – they deal with a lot of sensitive data which makes them every cybercriminal’s dream! Such industries should consider becoming ISO 27001 certified to show they are taking their customer’s and other stakeholders’ personal data seriously.

Mitigate Cyber Attacks with ISO 27001

43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses. Yes, that’s right, a startling number of cyber-attacks launched are made on small businesses – not just medium or large-sized organisations! In fact, some cybercriminals see smaller businesses as easier targets sometimes due to not always having sufficient security measures in place.

By now you’re probably wondering what ISO 27001 is and how it can help your organisation become more secure when dealing with sensitive data.

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised standard for information security management systems. Obtaining this certification demonstrates that your organisation has met a set of information security requirements and has been audited to confirm this by a third-party body. It is often requested by suppliers or other stakeholders to check that the company takes information security seriously.

Aside from pleasing customers and other stakeholders, the standard is likely to boost your firm’s reputation, improve trust with interested parties, and gives peace of mind that you are compliant with legislation such as GDPR, as well as other contractual and regulatory requirements.

Start Your ISO 27001 Journey Today

Want to demonstrate that your organisation takes information security seriously?

Here at Candy Management Consultants, we have helped countless businesses varying in size and industry to achieve ISO 27001, helping them to save both time and money. Whatever your objective of gaining certification, our small but experienced team is able to tailor your information security management system (ISMS) around your organisation’s needs.

Finding an ISO 27001 consultant can be difficult, but Candy Management Consultants will make sure you receive unrivaled, ongoing support every step of the way. We build lasting relationships with all our customers, and it is no surprise that we have an 100% success to date. When you follow our guidance, you are guaranteed to gain certification.

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