Overcome Information Security Challenges in 2022

Repercussions of Poor Security

You wouldn’t leave your door unlocked if you left your house, would you? Nobody wants a break-in and to lose their personal belongings. The impact can be financially damaging as well as mentally. For most of us, we consider the security of our homes a priority so why not for our businesses? Many small businesses are under the impression that they will never be a victim to the likes of cybercrime because they are simply too small to be a target. However, this is not the case as 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses. Ensuring your data assets are protected will be the best investment you make this year.

So, how do you manage risks and improve processes when it comes to information security? Internationally recognised standard, ISO 27001 (Information Security Management Systems) is the answer to continually improving upon your existing processes to make sure your data assets are protected. The standard also ensures GDPR compliance, giving you peace of mind that your business will be legally compliant when it comes to handling and processing data.  

As many continue to work from home this year following government guidance, many continue to use their own devices. In fact, 47% of staff report to have used personal devices for work, creating more opportunities for data theft and cyberattacks. This only stresses the importance of good information security practices and having a Management System such as ISO 27001 implemented.

Protecting Your Small Business’s Data Assets with ISO 27001

Simple tips to protect data assets include: employee training, up-to-date software, backing up data, and using two-factor authentication as well as strong passwords. These measures make a difference but there is much more to ensuring optimal security which is covered in ISO 27001’s framework.

There are a number of reasons businesses choose to implement ISO 27001. Main benefits include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and instil trust with other key stakeholders
  • Prevent data breaches
  • Ensure legal compliance and avoid costly fines
  • Reduction of information security and data protection risks
  • Attract new customers and retain existing ones

How Becoming ISO Certified Works

At Candy Management Consultants, our expert consultants have a reputation for making organisations stand out within their industry, and to date, we have an 100% success rate with all our clients. Our vision is to streamline your compliance processes to align the specific ISO standards with the day-to-day activities of your business.

We will work with you to build a Management System that fits with your organisation, building on the good work you are already doing and supporting improvements.

We use a flexible, 3-step process to implement your Management System around your current procedures. Learn more about each process.

Ready To Prioritise Information Security?

If you wish to put security as a priority this year and save time and money by doing so, then ISO 27001 is a must for your business.

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