Which Industries is ISO 27001 Suitable For?

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised standard for information security. The certification is implemented to improve and regulate processes that you may already have in place to ensure secure storage of information and documents as well as confidentiality.

ISO 27001 has benefits for many industries however, some industries definitely need the certification more than others as they may deal with more confidential information.

IT Companies

Information technology companies such as software development companies, cloud companies, and support companies should invest in ISO 27001 to protect their company assets and win more business. The certification proves that they can safeguard their client’s information in the most secure way reducing confidential information from being leaked. As the certification implements practices and strategies to manage security, it allows information to be safer and avoids drastic events occurring such as data breaches.

Financial Information Companies

Banks, insurance companies, and any other company that deals with financial information should make ISO 27001 a top priority to comply with government regulations and to protect people’s financial information. Many regulations for financial companies are based around ISO 27001, this makes it a good certification for companies to invest in as it ensures they remain compliant.

As the risk is reduced, your company could save thousands of pounds by implementing ISO 27001 as it means no costly fines will have to be paid due to data being leaked. Protecting your financial company is vital as it is not an unknown fact that hackers want to breach people’s financial information as they can make money from it easily.


Healthcare companies deal with thousands of people’s most confidential information such as their full names, email addresses, their phone numbers, and potentially even their bank information. Hackers can reach this information and sell people’s personal data on websites for their own financial benefit, leaving other people at risk without them even being aware. As a healthcare provider, it is your duty to ensure that people’s data is secure and that is why ISO 27001 is very common in this sector to reduce information being sold or leaked.

Other Industries

As previously mentioned, the majority of companies could do with having ISO 27001 to keep people’s confidential information secure and follow government legislation. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) act is a legislation that ensures that companies are not violating their privacy and security standards and will enforce heavy fines if breached. ISO 27001 guides companies to follow GDPR and every company has to deal with people’s personal information. ISO 27001 provides your company with a framework, and this will allow your company to follow legislations such as GDPR.

Getting Started with ISO…

If you want to protect your company’s confidential information and reduce drastic events such as data breaches from occurring, investing in ISO 27001 may be for you.

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