How ISO Has a Positive Impact on Your Supply Chain

Ensuring the Best Quality…

Ensuring the best management in supply chains is key to ensure quality. It is vital to have a secure framework consisting of good communications methods, good trading, and labour.

Communication plays an integral role in streamlining processes and reducing errors and disruptions. Having structured and reliable communication methods ensures that there are no complications when contacting those in your supply chain. It also means that if there is an error, both sides are aware, and they have a chance to mitigate the issue and plan on how to move forward. For example, if severe weather occurs delivery times could be affected, meaning supplies are not received within their specified time frame. Is your company prepared for this occurrence? In addition, it is also crucial that your company is aware of how to deal with issues that suppliers cannot help with.

Streamlining processes and keeping track of things such as deliveries reduces problems, such as a lack of supplies. Scheduling when deliveries will arrive is step one to make sure there is not a shortage in supplies and materials. A shortage in supplies can slow down your company leading to even more disruptions, leaving your stakeholders with a poor impression.  

Managing time well and making sure everyone plays their part is essential to an efficient supply chain.  

Ensuring Good Health & Safety…

Health and safety go hand-in-hand with good quality products and supplies as poor safety procedures have a knock-on effect. There are many ways in which a company can ensure health and safety but in supply chains, there are many employees to look out for, so it’s worth asking yourself, are the right procedures put into place for them to follow?

Ensuring suppliers are supplying things correctly is step one. Not only should the supply chains have good health and safety procedures implemented themselves, but they should also check their suppliers do too. All sacks, boxes, or crates should be a reasonable weight, however, if they are too heavy to handle, do they have the correct equipment to lift supplies to avoid manual handling? If not, it is important for procedures such as these to be implemented. You may also want to consider training on how to lift boxes that should help your staff avoid long-term injuries.

Getting Started with ISO…

If you want to ensure your supply chain becomes more efficient, and benefit from good quality and health and safety management, ISO 9001 and  ISO 45001 are ideal for your organisation.

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