Winning New Business with ISO

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management and focuses on regulating processes that are already in place to improve efficiency. ISO 9001 is the most popular ISO certification as it can benefit every industry to improve your company.

Staff Empowerment

With ISO 9001, the aim is to improve your company’s efficiency and productivity to create the best quality processes, this improves your company’s professionalism. When employees are working to achieve goals, they become more consistent which leads to happy service users. When your employees receive the deserved recognition for their hard work through their customer feedback, they will feel more empowered which will incline them to keep performing how they are. People talk and when people are talking about how good your business is, it opens doors for new business as you are creating a better image for your company.

Opens Doors for Tendering

ISO 9001 holds a great name for itself as it proves the great standard of your business. This is what contractors look out for as they will recognise the standard and will be more inclined to work with a certified business. Many contractors actually make it mandatory for your business to have ISO 9001 which demonstrates your commitment to quality management.

Getting Started with ISO

If you want to boost profitability within your company and demonstrate your ability to meet your customers’ and other key stakeholders’ requirements, then becoming certified in ISO 9001 will work for you.

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