Did you know it will cost the UK up to £651 billion to achieve its target of cutting carbon emissions by 78% by 2035? However, if we achieve this we could see an economic boost of roughly £918 billion? That’s a £267 billion profit and our damage to the environment drastically reduced. If you’re wondering how […]

In our last blog post, we talked about implementing quality control in construction projects with ISO 9001 so now, let’s talk about the most important considerations – Health and Safety policies in construction. Health and safety policies in construction, where do you start? If you tender for work you’ll know that you are asked to provide […]

Construction projects can be lengthy, costly and incredibly detailed, so how can you be sure that the quality your clients expects is being met throughout the entire process without being on-site every single day? ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised Quality Management System designed to not only keep quality high but also meet compliance requirements […]

By now you’ve probably seen the words ‘Net Zero’, ‘Circular Economy’ and ‘Carbon Neutral’ all over your social media. Many large enterprises such as Shell, Apple and IKEA have set Carbon Neutral targets to achieve by 2030. But what does it mean? Let’s find out and talk about the business benefits of a circular economy. […]

Waste Management companies are essential to protecting our planet for future generations. Improper waste control can result in extensive environmental damage including air pollution, disruption to ecosystems and impacts on health, both human and wildlife. The public concern for the environment is at a record high as a result of COVID-19. BCG reports that 70% […]