All About EN 1090

What is EN 1090?

As of 1st July 2014, EN 1090 was made a requirement for any “series” manufactured structural metal components or kits that were either made in the UK or imported, and to which a harmonised European standard applies, to comply with the CPR & CE marking requirements. It is important to note that by “series”, the regulations mean any activity that an organisation carries out more than once, not just the production of a series of standard items. But what exactly is EN 1090?

Simply put, EN 1090 are European standards that regulate the fabrication and assembly of steel and aluminum structures and are recognised by the Construction Products Regulation.

So, to place structural steel or aluminum products into the UK or European markets, you are legally required to hold the EN 1090 standard.

It Consists of 3 Parts

BS EN 1090-1 (Execution of Steel Structures and Aluminium Structures – Technical Requirements for Steel Structures) is the harmonised European standard covering fabricated structural steelwork. It consists of three parts:

  • EN 1090-1: CE Marking – details the requirements for assessing and verifying product or service conformity.
  • EN 1090-2: Details the technical requirements in the manufacture and assembly of steel structures.
  • EN 1090-3: Details the technical requirements in the manufacture and assembly of aluminum structures.

Who is Affected By EN 1090?

Companies that manufacture and sell steel and aluminum structures and structural products are affected. The standard is relevant to:

  • Construction engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Procurement personnel
  • Directors, general and site managers
  • Quality control and assurance personnel

Obtaining EN 1090

Are you in need of support with obtaining EN 1090?

Obtaining EN 1090 can seem daunting, so many choose to use a consultant to be guided through this process. Candy Management Consultants are a friendly team of experts within the ISO and Health and Safety industries. We serve clients nationwide and make sure all our services are provided promptly and have an 100% success rate.

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