Our Chosen Charity: Speed of Sight

About Speed of Sight

Speed of Sight is a charity providing unique experiences for people with disabilities, in specially adapted track cars or off-road vehicles.

Born completely blind, the Founder of Speed of Sight, Mike Newman, embarked on a mission to ensure opportunity for all.

Speed of Sight believes that people who can take part in a sporting or physical activity find that it helps with their self-esteem, social interaction, and physical as well as mental wellbeing.

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Why We Chose to Support Speed of Sight

Director of Candy Management Consultants, Anthony Cooper, heard about Mike’s story and felt inspired to support Speed of Sight.

Anthony has since founded a charity fishing club called Speed of Sight Angling Club. This was set up to aid Speed of Sight.

Speed of Sight Angling arranges open match fishing and has also launched their own membership league that is sponsored by FJUKA Baites. Since the launch, they have had lots of venues in touch to have matches at their site and have grown a Facebook group with keen anglers internationally.

Speed of Sight Angling is running open matches every other month and has league matches every month throughout the North West. (Check out their League Table).

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