ISO 14001 for Waste Management

Waste Management companies are essential to protecting our planet for future generations. Improper waste control can result in extensive environmental damage including air pollution, disruption to ecosystems and impacts on health, both human and wildlife. The public concern for the environment is at a record high as a result of COVID-19. BCG reports that 70% of people are more aware of environmental issues now than they were before the pandemic! Let’s discuss how you can make environmental improvements in your waste management company.

So, you are keen to grow your business while also keeping a clean, green conscience, but with so much information out there, where do you begin? ISO 14001 may be the answer. 14001 is the standard for Environmental Management Systems and tackles a broad range of commonly occurring issues within any company such as excessive waste, poor waste management such as ineffective recycling or energy use.

A waste management company with ISO 14001 certification can appeal to a huge range of clients, but, most importantly can help to win Public Sector tenders you may have lost previously. When seeking out a company’s services, Public Sector buyers will expect them to have a clear understanding of their environmental impact and the mitigation strategies they have implemented as a result. An ISO 14001 environmental management system not only reduces your carbon footprint (and saves you money, but more on that later!) but also places emphasis on high-quality training to make sure your employees are aware of the new processes and yields the best results for both you and your client.

ISO 14001 works hand in hand with waste management companies to evaluate the processes in place and implement newer, more modern ideas that tackle the growing concern for our environment. An Environmental Management System (EMS) can help you abide by the 2011 waste hierarchy of:

Reduce – Reuse – Repair – Recycle – Recover and Dispose of as little as possible.

This method of processing our waste attempts to minimise the amount that ends up in our landfills. When waste is sent to landfill it is an entirely unsustainable process. We’re rapidly running out of landfill space in the UK and filling our tips faster than the waste within them can break down. Waste management companies have the potential to become gatekeepers for landfills and ensure the proper disposal of both household and industrial waste.

With governmental initiatives and industry giants all seeking carbon neutral status, an ISO 14001 could be the key to your waste management company’s success. Tenders that you may have missed out on before now become easily accessible and you’ll stand out from the competition for huge contracts.

An Environmental Management System also reduces carbon emissions through streamlined energy efficiency like implementing systems to help your business to monitor, control and improve environmental performance. Having responsibilities makes your waste minimisation accountable and in turn, helps with your overall targets and goals of reducing your carbon footprint.

So, what have we learnt? By implementing ISO 14001 you will be making environmental improvements in your waste management company. The best part is you will benefit from reduced costs and improved reputation whilst doing so. Watch your company grow, the right way!

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