ISO 14001 – Slow Down Global Warming, Save Money

When considering the impact of our activities on the environment, one of the first hurdles many people come up against is the initial cost. Many eco-friendly products are more expensive than their non-green equivalent and can be off-putting to the consumer however when you evaluate the long-term savings of these reusable products you often find it pays for itself. When discussing the environment, there is a lot to think about. For instance, your company, are you as green as you could be? Have you wondered how you can slow down global warming and in turn, reduce costs as a business?

But first, let’s take a step back and talk about costs to consumers. A reusable beeswax food wrap set can cost as little as £5 whereas a roll of clingfilm could only be £1.25 but, you would use that roll of clingfilm up quickly, say within a month and have to keep repurchasing. Add that up and for the year it would cost you £15 yet the reusable beeswax wrap is still going strong and being used over and over again and you only paid £5!

Interestingly, Harvard Business Review reported that overall sales revenue can increase up to 20% due to corporate responsibility practices.

With these examples in mind, what practices can you implement to help you save the planet and also save your company money at the same time? ISO 14001 is the answer. An initial spend can save you thousands of pounds once a high-quality management system has been implemented with the help of our expert team of consultants at Candy MC.

The environmental management system has been crafted to identify any areas where your company can improve its practices to lessen the impact on the environment. For example, one of our consultants may spot ways in which your processes can be streamlined which would not only reduce waste but also boost productivity from your employees once they were clear on their roles! ISO Standards have been proven to have a positive impact on employee satisfaction. Employees feel they are positively contributing to their workplace, are confident in their duties as part of the management system and with new, streamlined practices find their productivity goes up.

Another way ISO 14001 keeps money in the bank is through improved energy usage. New, more efficient energy consumption saves your business money while helping the environment. Renewable energy and improved practices are easy-to-implement strategies that are a benefit all round.

Need public liability insurance for your business? ISO 14001 can cut down the costs of that too! By demonstrating to the relevant insurers that you are compliant with environmental standards and have implemented strategies to reduce your carbon footprint, you can get significantly lower insurance premiums so you can protect your business without breaking the bank.

ISO Standards are designed to ensure that with the correct implementation and consultation, the continual and consistent improvement of company practices is possible.

Implement ISO 14001 this year with Candy MC and reduce costs as a business, help the environment, and stand out from your competitors.

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