How is ISO making the World More Environmentally Friendly

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management which enhances your company’s environmental performance. More than 250,000 organisations are now certified to ISO 14001. This standard can be implemented into any company no matter the size or type of business it may be. Eco-friendly practices are used so that your company can become greener and reduce the impact its activities have on the planet.

What Benefits does ISO 14001 Carry for the World?

By implementing ISO 14001, your company is using various strategies which will change the processes which your company already has in place to make them more environmentally friendly. As any business can get ISO 14001, there are a number of ways in which this standard can help your company become more sustainable no matter whether you are in an office or on a construction site.

Sustainable Strategies…

In the office, your business can do the most simplistic things which can make a big difference to the world, this could be things such as turning off all technology in the evening which saves power but also money. Using digital documents where possible to save paper and making communication more online are also effective ways.

Construction companies contribute to 30-40% of the world’s global greenhouse gas emissions, so finding more sustainable ways to become greener is vital. By using more renewable energy and recycled materials, your company will not only be saving money but will be befitting the criteria and meet the requirements of the standard for ISO 14001.

In other industries such as manufacturing, choose eco-friendly partners so that your supply chain is as green as possible. Updating your machinery and equipment to make them more of an eco-friendly standard will also help.

Waste Hierarchy

The waste hierarchy is a piece of legislation that was implemented in 2011 and ranks waste management options according to what is best for the environment. Prevention is number one and ranked the highest as it is a priority for businesses to make a difference in their environmental performance. Preventing any waste should be the first thing your company ensures it is doing to control its impact on the world. Keeping products for longer, re-using products where possible, and using less harmful materials will make the most difference. ISO 14001 will help your business follow this legislation and remain consistent with it by monitoring your performance regularly and avoiding costly fines.

Implementing ISO 14001…

ISO 14001 not only just implements strategies that improve your company’s environmental performance, but it ensures your business maintains them to become more consistent. The standard has many benefits to the planet but also for your business in other ways.

Getting Started with ISO…

If you want to win new business from ISO 14001 and protect the planet at the same time, then this is the standard for you.

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