Stop Food Waste Day 2022

Food Waste Causes

A third of food waste gets wasted per year globally, that’s around 1.3 billion tonnes! The main wasted items are things such as milk, cheese, bread, apples, and potatoes.

The main cause of food waste is simply over-purchasing products that aren’t necessary and will not be sold in places such as supermarkets and restaurants. The aim of Stop Food Waste Day 2022 is to raise awareness and inspire change around the critical issue of food waste, which has a negative impact on our environment.

Why is Food Waste an Issue?

In the UK alone, 9.5 million tonnes of food go to waste every year. Wasted food ends up in landfill sites and people think that it just decomposes, so what’s the issue? The issue is that food disposal largely contributes to global warming as it releases a lot of methane gas causing damage to the ozone layer and trapping heat into the atmosphere. Food waste also makes companies and people waste so much money every year, only for it to contribute to global warming!

Reducing Food Waste in the Workplace

Employers and employees being aware of how food waste impacts the planet is crucial to reduce the impacts of global warming. In work buildings, providing employees with a fridge and a freezer to get the most out of their food is a way in which food can be wasted as it is being preserved for longer. Offer to provide lunches for employees or allow them to put food they don’t want on a shelf so other people can have it is not just nice for staff but also reduces waste.

Implement ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for environmental management and is implemented in thousands of companies to enhance their environmental performance. ISO 14001 introduces more environmentally efficient processes and reduces production costs and waste.

Getting Started

If you truly want to demonstrate your commitment to the environment, then ISO 14001 is the perfect solution for both your organisation and the planet.

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