5 Ways you can Prevent Data Breaches

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised standard for Information security. It is implemented in companies to ensure your company assets are safe and ensures that you are following government legislations. A cyber threat occurs every 39 seconds, don’t let your company become a victim.

Understand Compliance Requirements

Understanding requirements and being aware of what is affecting your business is important. Following government legislations such as GDPR ensures that your business is compliant and is not at risks of fines or potential threats which could close down your company to open the door to a data breach.

Educate Employees

Simple tasks such as efficiently training employees is a first step to ensuring your information is safe and many data breaches occur due to human error. The lack of awareness makes employees unsure on what they should do shouldn’t do. An average of 14 million phishing emails are sent per year, and it is easy to be fooled by one and reveal confidential information to even the most beginner hackers. Training employees on how to spot a phishing email could save your company thousands of pounds.

Take Precaution with Wi-Fi Networks

Connecting to free Wi-Fi is so easy to do and is necessary to be able to reach important files when working. In the click of a button, you could allow someone to hack into your files and gain access to all your confidential information. In a business, you are obliged to ensure that employees and customer information such as peoples full name, phone number, financial information and email address is safe and this can be accessed through being oblivious to the risks. The click of a button can put your whole business at risk of shutting down or being hacked into.

Using Technology

Implementing security software is something which is easy to do however many companies completely forget to install it. These software’s do things such as tell you what websites are safe, what emails are safe and protect your deceives from harmful viruses which could be attempting to gain access to your confidential information.

Improve Email Usage

Sending important and confidential documents is easy as it allows people to easily gain access to information which must be kept private. Finding alternative ways to share information could ensure confidentially. As previously mentioned, it is easy to gain access to emails through phishing so having documents in hand which could contain someone’s financial information for example will reduce this being accessible.  

Getting Started with ISO

If you want to protect your company assets, implement ISO 27001 into your company to receive the benefits

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