Working from Heights – Is your Company Legally Compliant?

Reducing Accidents

One of the most common workplace accidents is falling from a height. 47% of construction accidents occurred due to falling from a height in 2020. How can you ensure that you are following the government regulations to ensure that your employees are safe in their workplace?

There is legislation in place such as The Work from Heights 2005 regulation which is a law to ensure that employees are safe when working at heights in their workplace. This legislation prevents injuries or even death that could occur due to dangerous heights. Ensuring that the work is planned properly, supervised, and carried out by those who are trained reduces risks. Assessing the risks that could happen is also crucial as it makes sure that employees are aware of what could put them at risk.

Employers have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their employees and others who could be affected by their actions.

Become Compliant with ISO 45001

So, what is ISO 45001? How can it help, and how can it ensure compliance with health and safety legislation?

ISO 45001 is the internationally recognised standard for Occupational Health and Safety which is implemented in thousands of companies to ensure good health and safety practices. The types of organisations that choose to become certified typically include those that pose a higher number of health and safety risks, such as construction and manufacturing.   

By having an Occupational Health and Safety Management System such as ISO 45001, your employees will be more inclined to take a health and safety role in your company and promote a culture of safety within the organisation. As a result of this, workplace incidents will be reduced. A huge benefit of the standard is the ability to qualify for tenders and contracts, as ISO 45001 is often a requirement to even be considered.

Your organisation will also benefit from an improved company image and reduce your risk of being fined or even shut down, more importantly, it will ensure safety for your employees and customers.

Getting Started with ISO

If you want to make safety a priority and ensure your employees and other stakeholders are not at risk, then becoming certified in ISO 45001 is necessary for your company.

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