Working From Home: Cyber Crime, GDPR Issues and Data Breaches

Working from home has allowed for the rapid development of new technologies focussed on remote access, a revolutionary step for employees across the world however, this has also created a new wave of cybercrime. Deloitte research showed that there has been a 25% increase in phishing and spam emails but also reports that some employees have felt tempted to keep copies of valuable company data in case they lose their job or the company they work for goes bump. So how do you prevent data breaches from occurring? It seems a near-impossible task given most of us aren’t in the office and not everyone is a tech wizard, but these 3 tips are a start:

Ways to Prevent Data Breaches


Remind your team that they should never open any documents from an email or website they don’t trust and explain how these files may look harmless but can be carefully crafted to look safe while they do irreversible damage to confidential data.


Re-cap your company’s code of conduct in relation to their online behaviour. Typically this code of conduct will be included within their contract and a gentle reminder that they are responsible for their actions as an employee of the company.


Ensure that any security programmes you have are up-to-date and that they are protecting your employees, shared drives and confidential data.

If these steps to prevent data breaches seem overwhelming, why not consider a consultation for Information Security Standard ISO 27001? Our expert team have years of industry experience assisting different companies with the implementation of an Information Security Management System.

Through ISO 27001 you and your colleagues can feel confident in the safety of your confidential data and from this, demonstrate to potential clients that you are serious about GDPR compliance and build long-lasting trust with them.

Get in touch today and protect your most valuable assets to prevent data breaches.

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