Having an Eye for Safety

What is ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 is the internationally recognised standard for an occupational health and safety management system. Thousands of companies use ISO 45001 to display their commitment and compliance to workplace safety legislation and tackle health and safety through early identification and mitigation.

Why Prioritise Safety?

Ensuring your employees are safe is not just morally correct but it brings many benefits to your company. ISO 45001 introduces risk assessments to ensure accidents are identified so they are much less likely to happen. Workplace accidents can lead to staff absenteeism however ISO 45001 will ensure that hazards are erased resulting in reduced absences and increased efficiency and productivity.

In addition, reduced accidents mean that your business is much less likely to be fined and ISO 45001 will ensure that your company is being compliant with government legislations. Thousands of workplace accidents occur every year hitting them with costly fines or even closure of their businesses. Falling is the most common workplace accident and it is so simple to mitigate, ISO 45001 will implement strategies to stop these common incidents from occurring.

Getting Started with ISO…

If you want to make safety a priority and ensure the safety of your employees and other stakeholders, then becoming certified in ISO 45001 is most definitely for you.

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