ISO 45001: Save Time, Money & Effort

What is ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 is the internationally recognised standard for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management Systems. The standard is used by millions of companies worldwide to demonstrate their commitment and compliance with workplace safety legislation and tackles health and safety through risk identification and mitigation.

The standard is applicable to any organisation no matter the industry to eliminate hazards, minimise risks, address OH&S management system nonconformities associated with its activities and take advantage of opportunities.

Does My Business Need ISO 45001?

Many business owners, particularly those who own smaller businesses wonder whether ISO 45001 is relevant for them. By law you are not required to obtain the standard, however, becoming certified does mean that you are demonstrating your commitment and taking steps to ensure a safer work environment for your employees and visitors.

Think about the below questions, if any apply to your organisation, then your business will benefit from achieving the ISO 45001 standard.

  • Does demonstrating that your company is fully compliant matter to you?
  • Does your company wish to improve performance and productivity?
  • Does employee protection matter to you?
  • Do you wish to reduce workers’ insurance premiums?
  • Does your company wish to tender for work and be awarded contracts?

Saving Money

Every year, millions of people suffer from workplace injuries. By having ISO 45001, you are showing employees, customers, and stakeholders that you are serious about ensuring safety in your business. This will boost stakeholders’ confidence and incline them to be more serious in doing business with your company. This will open doors to more opportunities and contracts.

By decreasing the risk of potential accidents through having ISO 45001, you are reducing the chance of an employee filing a claim from an accident. As the likelihood of an employee being injured is reduced, it also means there are fewer absent days due to sickness and after all, the most efficient work gets completed when all employees and fit and well enough to work!

Following basic government legislation also avoids costly fines which could hit your company if you are not following workplace health and safety guidelines. An example of a legislation is the well know Health & Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 1974. This act determines what hazards there are in the workplace, the significance of the risk, how it can be prevented, and a clear management action plan. By implementing ISO 45001, you are automatically following the guidelines of this legislation.

Save Effort

Improving employee safety prevents injuries and even saves lives. It is no doubt that your company should also put safety first simply for its morality of it but it will also save you a lot of effort.

Introducing new processes and new training will ensure that staff are understanding how they can prioritise their own safety but also ensure that their colleagues are also staying safe in the workplace.

Saving Time

If an employee is off sick due to a work accident, time is lost either trying to find replacements to work for them or even hiring someone new. If the accident was reduced in the first place, there wouldn’t be a need to waste time and the time can be used for something productive for your business.

Getting Started with ISO

Are you in need of support when it comes to health and safety management?  

Candy Management Consultants are a friendly team of experts within the ISO and Health and Safety industries. We serve clients nationwide and make sure all our services are provided promptly and have an 100% success rate.

If you want to prevent health and safety accidents, and meet stakeholder requirements, implement ISO 45001 into your company and receive the benefits.

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