Does Your Organisation Need a Gap Analysis?

What is a Gap Analysis?

A Gap analysis examines what processes your organisation already has implemented and will identify the gaps to see what is missing. This allows your company to come up with an accurate project plan with assistance from a consultant so that your company can achieve ISO certification.

Your consultant will discuss the steps you need to take to ensure that you meet the requirements of the standard that you are going for.

Steps to Success

No matter what certification your company is going for, the steps for the gap analysis are the same.

After your consultant has evaluated your current processes and procedures, they will provide you with a report, highlighting the areas you need to improve upon.

Once you have addressed the gaps, you can start filling them. You may want to reconvene and discuss the next steps with whoever looks after the certification within your company, whether that’s a quality manager, top management, or a mix of people. Just because you have something implemented into your company, it does not necessarily mean you are following it; therefore, a gap analysis should be completed to ensure every process is actually being accomplished.

If your current procedures are not meeting the requirements, this must be addressed to reach the certification.

Getting Started with ISO

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