5 Ways to Keep Your Company’s Information Assets Safe

Implement ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised standard for information security management and improves your information security processes to protect your information assets, such as documents. These could consist of financial, employee, customer, or other third-party information.

By becoming ISO 27001 you are not only preventing data breaches but are demonstrating that you have care for your employees, customers, and other stakeholders, improving your reputation.

Have Clear Policies in Place for Employees

Training employees in an efficient way ensure that they are clear on what mistakes they could make which could result in a data breach. Every year, employees receive at least ten phishing emails, are your staff aware of what a phishing email is and how they can identify one? ISO 27001 introduces training, so your company does not become a victim of a data leakage by giving information away.

Restricting Accessibility

It is vital to not allow all employees to have access to every document, this way there is much less of a risk of people being able to leak information. Only allow employees who need the information to have access to the documents.

Change Passwords Often

How often are your employees changing their passwords? Passwords should contain numbers, lower case, and upper-case letters and symbols to ensure they are as strong as possible. Passwords that only contain numbers and letters can be guessed easily, so ensure your passwords are strong and are being changed regularly. ISO 27001 will further support and guide this.

Using Software

Having your data clear from hackers can be reduced simply by using trusted software that will prevent your company from accidentally accessing any threatening websites and can minimise the risk of threatening emails. When busy, it is easy to make the mistake of clicking on a malicious link, but having software installed across all company devices to detect what is safe and what isn’t, will be a good investment for your company.

Getting Started with ISO

Are you in need of support when it comes to information security management?

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If you want to protect your company’s information assets, implement ISO 27001 into your company and receive the benefits.

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