How ISO 14001 Will STOP Global Warming

Awareness of global warming has sky-rocketed in recent years thanks to public campaigns from figures such as Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg. The UK population is now more concerned than ever before and keen to do what they can to make a change and stop global warming. So, how ISO 14001 will stop global warming?

ISO 14001 is the standard for Environmental Management Systems sometimes referred to as an EMS. Through implementing 14001 you begin to tackle the carbon footprint of your business by identifying all of the potentially detrimental impacts your company may have on the environment.

In the latest update of the standard published in 2015, emphasis was placed upon:

  • Improving the company’s overall environmental performance
  • Protective measures to mitigate the consequences of climate change through the use of sustainable resources, waste reduction and energy efficiency.
  • Participation from all company departments to be proactive in making a change.

ISO Standards are carefully crafted to ensure that once they have been implemented, the continual and consistent improvement of company practices is possible. In the same way that the environment and the knowledge we have of it evolves, we know that your company does too.

Just 100 companies are said to be responsible for the production of 70% of the world’s greenhouses gasses since 1988 including fuel giants BP and Shell, however, both of these have since announced their plans to achieve carbon-neutral status within the next 30 years (Read more about that here). Alternative huge global companies like Apple, IKEA and Google have committed to the use of 100% renewable power. With such huge companies tackling their environmental responsibility, it’s about time we – the smaller UK businesses – considered our roles in the future of our planet.

So, we’ve talked about how ISO 14001 will stop global warming… but what exactly are the benefits to your business?

When you implement ISO 14001 your business can benefit from:

  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Better Company Reputation
  • Compliance with UK legislation
  • Improved energy efficiency

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