£34.5 Million Lost to Covid Related Scams

The past year has been challenging to say the least. With people spending more time online whether that be for work or leisure, opportunists have quickly snapped up the chance to craft new scams. Many huge businesses have become targets for these con-artists including The Royal Mail, NHS and even charities. Let’s discuss how you can protect your business from cybercriminals.

These large scale companies will likely have strategies and contingency plans in place ready to deal with these issues and prevent the theft of confidential data but what about you? The small to medium-sized enterprises will likely store confidential information such as passwords or client data. You may have implemented systems such as anti-virus software, secure spam filters and 2-factor authentication but, these con-artists are smart and will craft scams to look legit and by the time you potentially clock that it was fake, it could be too late.

Breaches to confidential data can be devastating to any business, the loss of trust from clients and customers can have a drastic impact on future profits, the cost to fix the issues caused by the breach can be extensive and important data may be irretrievable.

So how can you protect your business from cybercriminals? We believe that ISO 27001 is the best option for any business. An Information Security Management System protects your data through the implementation of a framework that allows you to address any risks your business may face, offer training to employees to ensure they understand the importance of information security and how to identify potential scams and improve your recovery time after a breach.

The average cost of a cyber attack can range anywhere between £2,000 and £17,000 with the most common form of deception coming in the form of phishing scams – link manipulation, fake websites and impersonation. It’s all too easy for an employee to accidentally click what they believe to be a trustworthy link and quickly cause issues for the company.

Call us today to discuss ISO 27001 and how it can protect you from cyber-attacks in 2021. Or, book an appointment with our online form and include the reference “Cyber Security” and we’ll send you over some information and call you back at the time that suits you!

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