Employees Are The #1 Cause of Internal Data Breaches – Here’s How To Fix That

Want to know the top tips to prevent internal data breaches? Read on!

As shown in the video, it is all too easy for data to be stolen by experienced hackers who know exactly what to say to gain access to your company’s confidential information. Human error is the number one cause of data breaches for companies across the world so, how can you ensure that your employees don’t fall victim to them?

Secure Passwords – Use auto-generated strong passwords that are hard to guess. We recommend using password management systems such as LastPass or Firefox which will automatically suggest strong passwords and save them for you.

Install reliable anti-virus software and ensure it is consistently updated. A good quality anti-virus system will alert you to potentially dangerous websites and links and inform you of the risk before you click. In the video, we heard that the person offering ICT support was asked to click something to ‘help’ but really, this was a trick to allow the hacker to take over the computer and gain access to the company’s confidential data.

Training and re-training on the importance of maintaining a security mindset throughout the workplace. Regular communication about the day to day responsibilities of all employees in regards to the security of confidential data is vital in maintaining compliance to ISo 20071 once it has been implemented. 

Use 2-factor authentication wherever possible. Particularly for accounts such as social media and email addresses, a 2 step authentication process can be the difference between company data being hacked or not. Typically a 2-factor authentication process will require a confirmation from you via a phone call, email or text to confirm that you are the one logging in. This can alert you to any malicious activities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed and led to a data breach.

The ISO 27001 management systems prevent data breaches by identifying weak points in your information security and offering solutions to either resolve or mitigate the risk. It also focuses on establishing a security mindset throughout the company so that all employees are more alert to the potential hazards and feel confident in taking appropriate action when faced with malicious links – this can be as simple as deleting a suspicious email or reporting it to the appropriate department.

All ISO Management systems require the complete commitment of higher-level management to ensure the consistent implementation of the standards and ensure compliance. With the knowledge of how to prevent data breaches, higher-level management has the capacity to identify any risks and implement strategies to avoid them.

In addition to protecting your company’s vital assets, ISO 20071 can also help you win more business by demonstrating your commitment to confidentiality and security. With proven credentials that show exactly how you are keeping their information safe, it establishes trust between yourself and your client.

ISO 20071 also helps you with recovery time from a data breach. In the event of the worst-case scenario, an information security management system helps to reduce the time it takes to recover stolen data and get back on track. 

So, what are you waiting for? Use these top tips to prevent internal data breaches and protect your company’s vital assets now with ISO 27001!

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