How ISO 9001 Will Change Your Technology Company for The Better

A Competitive Advantage

The technology sector is undisputedly booming. Growing at 2.5 times the rate of other industries, technology plays a huge part in our day-to-day lives, both in our personal lives and the workplace. In fact, for some organisations, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated internal digitalisation by 3-4 years. But, how can ISO 9001 change your technology company for the better?

The growing demand for technology-based services like cloud-based software, IT systems, and technology support results in the need for quality management, regulations, and disaster recovery plans, particularly in such a competitive sector.

You’ve cultivated an impressive workplace culture to attract the best talent, you’ve offered enticing benefits and your products or services are competitively priced. The question on your mind – what more could you possibly be doing to grow your business and stand out even more? ISO 9001, the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems, is your next step. 

Why ISO 9001?

Think about it this way, you wouldn’t expect to see rotten fruit for sale in the supermarket, would you? As consumers, we simply expect that quality is always ensured.

However, for some companies selling a product or offering a service, it can be harder for us as consumers and customers to judge whether the product or service is even of quality, potentially making us unsure about parting with our hard-earned cash. As a technology company, ISO 9001 enables you to reassure your customers that you meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate continuous improvement.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

With advancements in technology every single day, an ever-changing industry means things can go wrong sometimes. It’s crucial that your company has the necessary systems and procedures in place to achieve effective and streamlined processes.

ISO 9001 enhances customer satisfaction by meeting the customer’s requirements, and those applicable requirements of the industry itself. Smaller, upcoming technology businesses can struggle to attain the high-level requirements of the industry. But, adopting a Quality Management System such as 9001, enables you to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Win New Business

Those certified in ISO 9001 are regularly audited to assure stakeholders that the company is continually providing performance and service above the basic minimal levels. The standard also ensures a company has a strong customer focus, and in the evolving world of technology, this provides confidence to adapt to new ways and can attract new business.

From a marketing perspective, advertising that you are ISO 9001 certified also helps to attract new customers. Not to mention, an internationally recognised standard introduces the possibility of working with and being trusted by companies worldwide.

Boost Employee Performance and Productivity

As a company looking to grow, getting the best out of your employees is an absolute must. ISO 9001 can boost employee performance and productivity, in turn allowing your company to grow further.

The standard involves setting up documentation and record-keeping practices for just about every process that goes into the everyday operations of your business. As a result of this, trends, patterns, and weaknesses can be identified with greater accuracy, meaning your business can act and improve upon them more quickly, therefore improving employee performance and productivity.

Start Growing Your Company with ISO 9001

Overall, ISO 9001 is perfect for companies looking to grow and demonstrate they offer quality products or services.

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