Building a Reputation for Quality with ISO 9001

Quality Matters

Quality – it’s extremely important for any business that they are providing quality products or services, and in the construction industry that is no exception. With poor quality costing the industry more than the combined profits of all companies within it, firms know all too well the importance of ensuring projects are completed to a high standard. This not only keeps clients happy but also plays an integral role in upholding their reputation. Not to mention poor quality can also put public health and safety at risk.

Research by housing charity Shelter discovered that 51% of new-build homeowners in the UK have experienced major problems with their properties, such as construction issues, unfinished fittings, and faults with utilities. Buyers are more cautious than ever.

If you’re looking to ensure quality every time, you may be interested in hearing a bit more about ISO 9001, the standard for Quality Management Systems.

More on ISO 9001…

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard that is used by businesses globally to implement Quality Management Systems. The standard evidences commitment to continual improvement, which offers many benefits. The standard itself can be broken down into customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, improvement, evidence-based decisions, and relationship management, which needless to say will enhance the performance of your business once reviewed and improved.

Construction projects can be complexed and a good Quality Management System is crucial to their success. So, let’s delve deeper and gain some more insight into the benefits that are guaranteed to see a return on investment for your construction company.

Improved Employee Training

ISO 9001 can guide a business on leadership and engagement, leading to increased job satisfaction as it provides purpose to tasks, therefore increasing output.

It can be challenging to measure the success of your business when it comes to achieving employee satisfaction but including your teams in the processes that are outlined in ISO 9001 will help facilitate this.

Due to the standard’s process approach and focus on continual improvement, processes are being improved periodically and this benefits the organisation by making it a more transparent place to work.

Your workforce is instrumental to a quality project being completed, so don’t overlook this hugely important benefit.

Win Public Sector Clients

Having a Quality Management System in place is hugely beneficial to your construction company if you are tendering for a contract from a large organisation, local authorities, or any other public bodies. ISO 9001 is key to winning large clients that are not open to taking risks on their projects. The certification also provides your business with a competitive edge, assuring your clients you are committed to the principles of quality and consistency.

Ensure Compliance

Imagine not feeling stressed about routine checks and audits? The framework and requirements of ISO 9001 ensure compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements that apply within the construction industry. A third-party external assessor will award you with your certification, so any customers or partners have peace of mind that a qualified, external auditor has given their approval.

Address Risks and Opportunities

It is not uncommon for construction contracts to go over budget because something has been misjudged, often incurring unnecessary costs. ISO 9001 provides the tools needed to tailor the system to each project to ensure no steps are missed thanks to its process-led approach, saving you both time and money.

Getting Started with ISO 9001

If you want to demonstrate your company’s ability to meet your customer’s and other stakeholders requirements, then ISO 9001 is a must.

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